Wendy Rauw

Research Scientist, Instituto Nacional de Investigación y Tecnología Agraria y Alimentaria, Spain (INIA)

Wendy’s work is focused on sustainable livestock production, resource allocation theory and animal welfare. She has an MSc from Wageningen University in the Netherlands and a PhD from the Norwegian University of Life Sciences. She has been a research scientist at the Instituto de Investigación y Tecnología Agroalimentarias in Spain, and a Research Assistant Professor at the University of Nevada Reno in the USA. She is currently the coordinator of a European Research Area Network on Sustainability of Pig Production through Improved Feed Efficiency.

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Achieving balance – why it is possible to achieve sustainable high productivity and respect animal welfare

Feed efficiency is a vital component of animal production, characterised by productivity, profitability and sustainability. Alongside these concerns producers must, of course, be sensitive to animal welfare and environmental concerns which, if ignored, will damage long term economic returns. Wendy will discuss the relationship between selection for high production efficiency and animal robustness and welfare. She will argue that meat is a valuable high quality protein, but that a balance must be found between improved production to produce enough of it to meet human consumption requirements, and animal welfare.

  • Achieving balance – matching feed efficiency with animal robustness
  • Making wise decisions – how farm profitability is threatened by low quality feeds
  • Local thinking – how to convert locally available low quality feed into quality meat
  • The right animal – how alternative feeds can challenge our thinking about the animals we ‘grow’