Nicolas Martin

Policy Adviser, European Feed Manufacturers’ Federation (FEFAC)

Nicolas Martin joined FEFAC (European Feed Industry Federation) in July 2011, as Policy Advisor to take over management responsibilities in the area of sustainability and agricultural markets. He started his career in the dairy sector working on market analysis and marketing. He then spent 4 years with the French feed manufacturers association before joining FEFAC. He graduated in agronomy from the National Institute of Agronomy in Paris, with a specialization in economics in 2001

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Regional protein production

Predictable access to a strategic supply of proteins to meet demand and to feed farm animals is crucial for the competitiveness and resilience of the EU feed and livestock sector, particularly in a resource-constrained world.

Partly as a way to tackle protein deficiency, but also to address the trend for non-GMO meat and milk in certain markets, there is a greater focus on regionally produced protein raw materials in Europe. Local soy cultivation is gathering pace; in tandem crushing facilities are being modified to enable processing of such beans. There are also projects underway to boost the supply of other oilseeds along with protein crops such as lupins, peas and beans.

However, EU feed industry insiders stress that demand for regional raw materials needs proper guidance to avoid uncontrollable processes, supply bottlenecks, and cost hikes.

The sector also calls on regulators to re-evaluate policy around biofuels, warning any move to phase-out EU arable crops as feedstock would have a detrimental effect on the EU feed sector’s capacity to use locally produced proteins.