Mette Lübeck

Associate Professor, Aalborg University, Denmark

Mette is a specialist in plant pathology and molecular biology and in the development of bio-refinery processes focusing on the utilisation of plant biomasses and organic waste.  She has particular expertise in hydrolytic enzymes and the evaluation of biomass deconstruction, the development of biocatalysts for production of enzymes and biochemicals, including lactic acid, using metabolic engineering. She currently directs several projects within the bio-refining of green crops for protein extraction and using the residues for cattle feed biogas and lactic acid fermentation.

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Refining proteins from green crops for high quality feed products for monogastric animal and dairy cows

Research at Aalborg University suggests that green bio-refinery processes have the potential to generate organic protein-rich animal feeds from green crops.  Mette’s presentation reveals the findings of recent trials which evaluated the potential of a range of green crops for the development of an organic bio-refinery system.  A scale demo created a continuous refining process that included harvesting and processing 400 tons of clover into a protein concentrate, a fibre-rich pressed cake and a residual stream of soluble nutrients.  These were using in experimental feed formulations for laying hens, broilers, pigs and cows.  The findings were surprising…

  • Promising results for new feed development for the full range of animals
  • Refined proteins from clover have a high amino acid content, especially suitable for poultry
  • Ensiled press residues fed to dairy cows resulted in a 5 to 10 percent increase in milk production
  • The trials suggest a promising future for organic farming of monogastric animals and dairy cows