Martin Alm

Technical Director, EFPRA

Dr. Martin Alm studied chemistry at the Technical University of Braunschweig. In 1998 he started his career at SARIA Bio-Industries, one of the leading rendering companies in Europe with factories in twelve different countries. Dr. Alm was responsible for “Research and Development”, later extended by “Regulatory Affairs” representing SARIA and Germany in different national and international interest groups and research committees.

Since 2009 Dr. Alm is director of “Dr. Alm Research and Consulting GmbH” and Technical Director of EFPRA, European Fat Processors and Renderers Association. Today he is also consultant member of the board of the German Rendering association, member of the scientific advisory panel and first vice president of the World Renderers Organisation (WRO) and member of the research committee of FPRF, the US based “Fat and Protein Research Foundation”.

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Panel discussion: What is holding back the use of processed animal protein in farmed fish?

Researchers argue that supplementation of low protein diets with amino acids could enable more sustainable animal production systems. They say partial substitution of soybean meal by amino acids allows a reduction in EU reliance on soybean imports from South America, and elsewhere. The thinking is that economies of scale will kick in on the cost front.

Apart from contributing to protein rich feedstuffs substitution, amino acids are said to also positively influence animal metabolism and reduce the nitrogen upload into the environment.  However, the successful implementation of reduced crude protein diets in this way relies on a deep knowledge of amino acid requirements.