Beyhan de Jong

Associate Analyst, Rabobank

Working in Rabobanks’ Food and Agribusiness Research department, Beyhan and her team are focused on the global seafood sector, covering aquaculture, wild catch, seafood trade and alternative proteins.  She has an MSc and PhD in Agricultural Economics from the University of Hohenheim in Germany, where her doctoral thesis focused on international agricultural trade policy analysis.

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The rising importance of alternative feed ingredients in a world of volatile fishmeal supply

Over the last two decades fishmeal has grown increasingly scarce. This scarcity has triggered the quest for alternative ingredients for aquafeed. Towards the end of 2017, improvements in fishmeal supply and price stabilization were observed. However, due to the current poor fishing season in Peru, fishmeal prices have jumped again. Once, alternative feed ingredients reach scale and gain commercial acceptance, they can offset the volatilities in the fishmeal market. Until then, the alternative feed protein market needs other strategies for growth. Beyhan’s presentation will examine the key dynamics affecting the future of aquafeed.

  • New novel ingredients – why vegetable-based protein meals and processed animal products are not the only options for fish food
  • Weighing up the potential – what bacterial, insect-based protein sources and algal oils can deliver
  • Bridging the gap – strategies that will help producers survive until they reach scale or in the eras of low fishmeal prices